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We have a beautiful and transformative 30 days ahead of us together! I know this new year is quite different from others, in my opinion it is far more hopeful than any other. I know I’m not alone in my thinking that after such a horrible year in so many ways it can only go up from here. I feel like it’s a breath of fresh air to even be able to say that 2020 is in the rearview mirror and we can all move forward.

Outside of the pandemic/lockdown, election stress, and riots/protesting (which honestly, is enough to affect anyone’s mental state), it was also a rough year on me personally. In the beginning of the year, I felt trapped in a toxic work environment and too afraid to move on. My passions laid elsewhere and once I finally had the courage to break free and follow my dreams, I found that the odds were stacked against me. As I built my studio from scratch, excited for the next chapter of my life COVID-19 cases were sky rocketing and I had a scary stalker situation that was threatening the future of my business. Despite this, I continued building a space of my own that I envisioned one day filled with people I can teach the methods of fitness and wellness that changed my life. But then the day after I opened, the shutdown happened. I scrambled to collect myself and do my best to continue connecting with my clients and teaching virtually. But then weeks went by, and other places began to open and my studio still sat empty and I fell into a deep depression. I felt like a failure and as if I’d never be able to succeed.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving of this past year, my studio had been open again for 3 months and I was staring at what is now considered to be a “full” class (33% of my capacity) and instead of feeling discouraged like I had in the past, I was grateful. There are people that lost their ability to hold space entirely due to the pandemic but I was staring out at a room filled with (well, 33% filled) people that during a worldwide pandemic still put their trust in me and my space to guide them. I had persevered and thats what I will continue to do in 2021.

I’m a busy body—I am at ease when I’m in motion. That’s what inspired me to create this program and it stretches far beyond just the physical aspects of a fitness program.

Fit Reset is not a weight loss program

It’s not a place where you’re expected to take before/after photos, or be required to do weekly weigh-ins.

My real goal is to empower you and help you make a real shift in your mindset/perspective so you can live your healthiest and happiest life. I spent so many years of my life making my goals aesthetic in nature, “If I could just look like her I’d be happy” or “If I could just lose 10 more pounds then I won’t be depressed anymore.” And guess what? After I lost the 10 pounds I was still depressed and still striving for more so, I can tell you first hand these DON’T work. Instead, I’d rather you approach each workout as a daily therapy session or an important/exciting date. I want you to look forward to your time each day where you set aside a time to focus on you and only you.

Take a few moments now before you begin the challenge to ask yourself what your goals for 2021 are. Think long and hard and try to address all aspects of yourself (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.) Then, what your goals for the Fit Reset program are (it can simply be just “logging in” every day and then seeing the puzzle pieces come together!) Rather than thinking about how crappy last year was let’s shift our mindset to how this is another year and another chance to get things right!

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