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Staying Steady Amidst the Most Unsteady of Times

Needless to say what we’re going through right now is completely unprecedented and no one could have possibly predicted it. Although we absolutely should be worried and concerned as this is a very real crisis it is also important to keep your mental health in check and keep yourself from becoming too consumed in the panic. For those of us that are lucky enough to be physically healthy the reality of our current situation is we are losing our jobs, childcare, sense of wellbeing, and maybe even our sanity too. How do we even begin to navigate through this chaos? For me, it all begins with mindset.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a huge control freak… When I feel as though I’m losing control of a situation, I start to panic. I know I’m not alone, it’s human nature to have the desire to be fully in control of our lives and every situation we’re thrown into so I know I’m not the only one struggling to cope with the uncertainty of our present and our future. Unfortunately we CAN’T control what is going on now, that is fact. The sooner we accept that we must let go of control the sooner we can start to shift our attention to gaining control of our emotional responses to our current reality instead. Yes, it’s scary and uncomfortable but rather than getting stuck on all of the things we “can’t” do, let’s practice gratitude. Shift your mindset and be grateful for the extra time to engage in activities you typically wouldn’t have time for. Go ahead and start that Netflix show you’ve been dying to watch but be mindful and don’t binge it all at once, take breaks to engage in different tasks. Move your body everyday; part of my daily routine in order to keep myself sane is filming workouts and yoga videos both on youtube, Instagram, and live on zoom for you all to do at home (Check out the “Fitness Videos by Kelsie” tab on my website). Make sure you stay accountable and keep yourself motivated by setting a time for yourself everyday that you’ll workout or move your body (just as if you had a 9:30am class that you were going too… keep it consistent). Other things you can do to keep your mind busy include going for a walk or a run, reading a book, journaling, or finding a new recipe to cook or bake. I haven’t personally tried this website but I’ve also heard great things about that has a bunch of online classes that teach you new skills which may be worth a shot.

What has been keeping you sane during the shutdown?

What are you grateful for today?