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I honor my body where it is today | Recovering from COVID

Let me start this out by saying, I have always understood the severity of the Coronavirus pandemic but I was one of those people that didn’t let fear of getting the virus get in the way of living my life (while still abiding by restrictions/wearing a mask, of course). I am young, healthy, and active and still COVID-19 really knocked me out. While others may say, “it’s just a really bad flu,” my response is: well if you could prevent catching a really bad flu, why wouldn’t you? Do your part, slow the spread, and wear a mask!

I quarantined for 13 days and more than half of those I spent really sick in bed where even walking to the bathroom took almost all the energy I had. By far the worst of all my symptoms was the headache- easily the most awful headache I’ve ever had in my life. My head was pounding and when I coughed it felt like my brain was violently banging up against my skull. It was exhausting to take a deep breath in and my entire body ached. Even after my symptoms started to subside, the fatigue and brain fog lingered for long after. When I began easing my way back into my workouts everything was harder than I remember and I had to pause frequently to catch my breath.

Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do other than be patient and honor my body where it was. I focused on healing movements that made my body feel good before focusing on getting an actual “workout” and some days I had to learn to be okay with deep breath being my only “workout.”

In this yoga practice, we focus on deep breathing and postures that open up the chest and improve the breathing capacity of the lungs.


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